• Shannon Richardson

Top 5 kitchen design trends of 2019

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Whats happening this coming year in kitchen design? Will white be here forever and a day?

My top 5 kitchen design trends for 2019-


Sustainability is practically on every ones mind, but here in a kitchen is where we will see more focus on the sustainability of cabinetry. People are looking at wood in 2 different ways, What and where. What kind of chemicals are in the wood, and where is the wood coming from. So while this isn't a decorative trend it is still important. Whats in your cabinets?

2-Large Sinks

The biggest trend I think will be big bold sinks. One large sink instead of these silly and very antiquated double bowl sinks. Nobody washes dishes anymore! That's what dishwashers are for. Why not choose a beautiful deep large single bowl sink that you could wash your dog in if you really wanted! Besides size, finish matters too. I see bold colors, and shiny metal happening. Sinks can be fun and utilitarian at the same time, have fun with it!

3-White is on its way OUT!

Thats right you heard me white is on its wayyyy out. Now don't get me wrong white is classic and will never "really" be out , all I'm saying is people are getting sick of all white alll the time. Lets gets some depth, some color, some soul. The trend is going to be a little more depth of color. Painted cabinets, wood cabinets, maybe both. Don't be afraid of a little color, white is nice, but sometimes too much of a good thing, well you know.


Technology is coming to the kitchen with a big bang. Refrigerators that are smart, ranges that help us cook better, and faucets that are hands free. There is alot of great techy things happening in kitchens, and they just keep getting better. Be prepared for the future, and get on this band wagon. Your smart phone can talk to them all, turn the oven before you get home, the refrigerator reminds you when you are low on milk, what could be better? Hello to the Jetson era....

5-Mixing Metals

Mixing metals has always been a thing for me, but its catching on to the masses lately as well. Not everything needs to be shiny silver. Lets add some awesome copper, or what about shiny brass? Now there is a art to mixing metals the right way, so its purposeful and not just because you didn't pay attention to the details. So lets throw caution to the wind and order those handles for the kitchen island in bronze!

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