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Beautiful budget-friendly kitchens ideas

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Need a new kitchen? Don't have $50,000 to spend? Well you are in luck, I have a few tips and ideas for you that are very budget friendly. This is not a brand new kitchen but they will help you create a better space!

First lets talk about counter tops. Everyone would love to have stone tops, but they are pricey eeekkkk. Did you know that there is alot, and I mean alot of different patterns available in laminate counter tops now. There are stone looking patterns that are exquisite, you can't even tell its not stone till you touch it. The difference in price is laminate is almost 3/4's of the price of stone. That's a huge difference especially if you have a larger kitchen.

Hardware on your cabinetry is easy and budget friendly change you can make to your kitchen. Its like the jewelry at the end of the outfit, just the right pieces will make the entire space change and stand out. One tip to keep in mind is if you have handles make sure you measure the spacing for the holes in the cabinets, not the entire handle. Measure from center of hole to center of hole and look for that exact size when choosing new ones.

Now lets talk about the easiest, and the most impact change you can do that's PAINT! Paint can be our friend, but you must use it wisely. You can paint your cabinetry, paint the walls, paint and old wood floor, hell you can paint the back splash. Always remember though before you start wielding that all mighty paint brush, that just because you can does not mean you should. Paint can always be changed but don't go crazy painting everything a different color, keep it simple and if you are not sure about what color to use then maybe take a couple hundred dollars of that budget and schedule a consultation with a designer. They could very well save you money and precious time.

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